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    What is the Chamber?

    The Eden Chamber of Commerce has been serving its members and the business community as the voice and advocate for excellence in business development and economic growth since 1955.

    The Eden Chamber of Commerce is an association of nearly 500 business people and professionals who seek to improve and maintain the economic well-being and quality of life in our community.

    We represent every type and size of business imaginable, all of which have joined together to build a brighter future. Through this association, businesspeople invest their time, talents and financial support to implement an action plan.

    The Program of Work addresses priorities for the entire Eden area and is accomplished through the organizational efforts of a two-person staff and the volunteer work of hundreds of professional people who see great return on their membership investment.

    These efforts are categorized into five specific divisions to best meet our goals each year.

    What the Chamber is not.

    The Chamber of Commerce is not a department of the city, county, state or federal government; it is not a civic club or professional society. It is not a social service, welfare or charitable institution. Rather, the chamber is an investment in the future of your business!

    Tax deductions

    Chamber membership is considered to be a necessary business expense.

    The Voice of Business

    We’re the largest, most effective business organization in this community.


    As a business that is here to stay, show that you are interested in the long-term success of your business and this community.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Eden Chamber of Commerce is to promote, support and enhance the business interests of its members, the quality of life of its citizens and the solicitation of development for continued growth.