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Member of the Month – April 2021

Eden Drug

Eden Drug began in 1982 by two local pharmacists, Willie Shoemaker and Wendell Evans. They built a successful business and ran it until their retirement in 2006. Pete and Debbie Crouch bought the business and continued the great service that the pharmacy had always provided. They focused on how to give a world class experience to all patients and customers through adding new programs, installing technology, and training an amazing team. Eden Drug is a shining example of how a business can prosper by continuous improvement and having a passion for serving others.
Eden Drug is a full service, family-owned pharmacy serving the individual needs of patients in our community. They consider themselves as problem solvers who aim to take care of their patients. They strive to hire and train employees that will provide a friendly and helpful experience for every customer. Navigating our healthcare system is not always easy; the staff at Eden Drug strives to make it as smooth as possible for you. Their employees are there to encourage, motivate and counsel you to make the best choice possible for your health.
Eden Drug is a rare pharmacy where their business is truly concentrating on your health and wellness. Their staff works hard to equip you with the knowledge to make informed and educated decisions about your health. Eden Drug’s goal is to successfully partner with you so your healthcare dollars are stretched further to meet your needs without expensive hospitalizations. They offer free valuable resources such as: medication packaging and classes on various topics including heart health, diabetes management, and nutrition. The pharmacy makes taking medication convenient by having all your prescriptions come due at the same time with fast and easy pick up or free delivery to your home or office.
When the pandemic hit our community, it was time to take action. Many products became unavailable like hand sanitizer, toilet paper, masks, thermometers and even some medications. Eden Drug went to work sourcing needed supplies for our community. They even purchased toilet paper from restaurant supply companies to provide for this need. Within their compounding lab pharmacists mixed hand sanitizer until the main ingredient, alcohol, became unavailable locally. When a distillery in eastern North Carolina provided 25 gallons, this allowed the pharmacy to donate hand sanitizer to our first responders and all the physician offices in Eden.
Eden Drug also started testing patients for Covid-19 as soon as the tests were available, sometimes testing as many as 50 patients a day. The genetic (PCR) tests were free to the public but had to be sent to a lab with results in 2-3 days. With patients needing faster results, Eden Drug began to offer rapid tests which provided results in just 10 minutes. The staff has performed over 10,000 Covid-19 PCR tests and over 2,000 Rapid tests. For the convenience and safety of our community, as soon as the Covid-19 vaccine became available, they started the process of giving the vaccinations immediately. They administered approximately 400 vaccines weekly. Up to date, their staff has given over 2,700 vaccinations to help protect our community against the Covid-19 virus. The pharmacists at Eden Drug continue to encourage vaccines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and to move our community forward through this pandemic. Individuals 18 and older can register for a vaccine at





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