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February 2024 – Simply The Best Flowers

Simply the Best Flowers

Since 1986, Simply the Best Flowers has been a beloved pillar of our community, enchanting us with their stunning floral creations and unwavering commitment to service. Formerly known as Bunnies Flowers, they have evolved while maintaining their core values of excellence and dedication.

Nestled in the heart of Eden, Simply the Best Flowers offers more than just beautiful blooms – they provide an experience. From the moment you enter, their warm greetings and impeccable service ensure that every visit is exceptional. Whether you're marking a special occasion, expressing gratitude, or simply seeking a moment of beauty, Simply the Best Flowers offers a diverse array of products to suit your needs.

Moreover, their role as a UPS drop site exemplifies their dedication to convenience, solidifying their status as a comprehensive destination for local and shipping needs alike.

We are proud to announce that Simply the Best Flowers was recognized as the Member of the Month for February, a testament to their outstanding contributions to our community. This accolade reflects their ongoing commitment to excellence and their valued place in our hearts.

Step into Simply the Best Flowers today and discover why they continue to be an integral part of Eden. Let their exceptional team create a memorable experience for you, just as they have done for so many in our community.

Warm regards,

Eden Chamber of Commerce

Simply The Best Flowers - February 2024
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